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Sermon Series: The Beginning

Genesis means "beginning"--of what? The beginning of the Bible, the beginning of life on earth... but also the beginning of God's plan of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. At every turn in the story of Genesis, we will see God laying the foundation for his redemptive work for all peoples in all ages.

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June 12-17

Only once a year are we allowed to have this much fun. You know what I mean: Vacation Bible School! Songs, games, crafts, and more as we learn about God's amazing love revealed in the Bible. Sunday through Thursday, June 8-12, 6:30 to 8:30pm. Come early to register or register ahead of time after the worship service.

Volunteers still needed! Contact us if you would like to help.

100 Years of Dedication

May 1, 2016

After the building was raised off it's foundations to build a basement for Sunday School, this building was dedicated to the service of God. That was on April 30, 1916. A hundred years later, this building is not for our glory or for our comfort, but for the service of God.