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Sermon Series: Hope in a Disrupted World

What in the world is going on these days? God only knows! So, God seems like a really important Person to listen to. Between coronavirus and social distancing, we need to hear hope and direction from God's word for today.

Latest Sermon: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18: "Your Father Who Is in Secret" (3/29/2020)
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Dear First Christian Church family,

Now seems like an excellent opportunity to explore some alternative methods of ministry!

Whatís the situation?

Due to the current health crisis, we as a church will be accepting public recommendations not to meet in groups larger than 10 people. This means that for at least the next three weeks leading up to Easter (March 22, 29, April 5) we will not gather in the church building for Sunday worship. This was a difficult decision to come to, but out of love for those who are most vulnerable to the disease, we want to help limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.

But guess what? Weíre still a church! Our inability to meet all together for worship on Sunday morning puts some extra responsibility on each of us to find ways to care for each other and help each other stay focused on Godís truth in a time of fear and uncertainty. By Godís grace, this could become an unprecedented time of growth and personal engagement as we reach out to one another and our neighbors.

So whatís the plan?

  • First of all, the deacons will be reaching out to every family in the congregation every week to listen and share about how everyone is doing, to pray, and to share encouragement from Godís word. Also donít hesitate to reach out and call any of us.
  • The deacons will not be able to keep up with every member of every family every week! We would like for each of you to take the initiative to check up on one another. Call, text, ask about your friends, family, and neighbors. Remember that YOU are the light of the world. Now more than ever, we have to embrace the reality that the pastor, deacons, and teachers of the church CANNOT provide all the care everyone needs. Parents must take responsibility to teach and lead their children in learning and worship. Friends must understand the spiritual dimensions of their friendships. You donít have to be a church leader to be a light of the gospel!
  • This includes reaching out to your unchurched friends. Some of your neighbors might really appreciate some extra care and concern right about now. Feel free to pass on any needs you hear about (getting out to get groceries, etc.).
  • Abbreviated Sunday school materials will be distributed to families at home to go over together.
  • Online giving is now available through Tithe.ly. We get charged a 3% fee for card processing, or 1% for electronic checks; you can choose to cover that fee if you want, but it's optional. You can also choose which fund you want to give to. If you'd prefer, you can mail in a check to PO Box 31, Mooreland, IN 47360. Thanks for continuing to support the church and it's ministries during this time!
  • We will be livestreaming the sermon and a modified worship service Sunday morning at 10 am through our Facebook page. We will try to post it on the website as well, but weíre still figuring stuff out! We will try to make audio recordings available for those without internet.

We are interrupting the normal Ten Commandments series to address our current situation. The message this week will be on Psalm 46. Spend some time with it before Sunday to get the most out of Godís word to you this week. We are praying for you all.

In the love of Christ,

Pastor Nathan and the deacons